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Socialization funny

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The other day, I posted in an s-word thread about how my kids tend to be a liitle too social with new people.


Yesterday, my dds met another hs girl, and played with her on the playground. Other mom and I were busy with our other kids and hs portfolios, so we never spoke.

My dds got in the car and showed me they got the other girl's phone number. "Nice! What's her name?"


:001_huh: They don't know.

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This happens all the time with mine! They will say they made a new friend. Blah blah blah. I'll ask so what's your friend's name? "I dunno."


Apparently that isn't an important detail. ;)


Yes! This happens all of the time, and I am so relieved that something isn't wrong with my ds! He has his head in the clouds most of the time, and I thought it was just another one of his "things".

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In my daughter's grade 1 class at ps, most parents are pertty happy if their kids can remember the names of one or two of the other kids in their class. And those are kids they spend every day with. Out of my three kids only my youngest remembers names, and he remembers EVERYONES name.

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