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What would ABA look like in functionally verbal children?

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Every search I do on ABA comes back with verbal behavior. Especially youtube searches. I can't find any information that does not include sitting at a table attempting to repeat words or phrases.


Ds's behavior therapist will be here tomorrow and said she has very little experience with ABA, but she is going to bring information.


From what little i can find, my life skills goals for ds this year would go great in an ABA program, but that's all i can find.


I need to find info soon because our hs paperwork is due soon. I have to rewrite ds's objectives and submit to a sped teacher for approval.

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We run all sorts of goals with our son using ABA. Yes, he does have language goals, but also self-help, daily living skills, recreational skills, etc. You can PM if you like, but ABA (in an overly simplified nutshell) is basically a specific way of asking questions and reinforcing behaviors. It would be such a long post to explain it totally, but if you'd like me to break down how we would run a specific goal, just message me. We've been doing this for 15 years, so, my brain basically thinks ABA style at this point!

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