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What is the difference between BJU Biology 2nd & 3rd editions?

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It has been several years since I looked at the 2nd edition, but, if memory serves, there was a HUGE difference between the 2nd and 3rd editions of BJUP Biology. The third edition wasn't a mere reworking of the material; I think it was more of an entire, start-to-finish, re-write, and represents a quantum leap upward in quality over the 2nd edition, IMHO.


I decided against BJUP's 2nd edition Biology when I did biology with my older two children. When the 3rd edition came out, I used it with Child #3 and was very sorry that it wasn't available in time to use with my older two.


I should add that BJUP's 3rd edition of Biology is fairly rigorous and would best be used if someone with some experience in biology was available to help the student if necessary.


There are still problems with the 3rd edition, and I'm not saying that it is the best biology course available for homeschoolers, but there is almost no comparison between it and its predecessor.

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