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Would this make me a selfish mommy or a good mommy?

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Thanks to all the advice here, I am .........keeping it!


I still feel a smallish twang of guilt, but I think that's just the mommy part, it will always be there...you know, like when you buy yourself a shirt at a great sale, and don't get anyone else in the house anything.......but since he does have a iPad 2, and it's perfectly wonderful already.....I am going to keep the new one!


Someone made a good point that hit home, that we don't want our children to always be wanting "the next best thing" when what they have is perfectly great. And though DS13 isn't like that at all, I don't want to "create" that for him either.


Happy now too that I can rejoice in my winnings! Plus I know it will really be a shared family iPad, unlike DS13's, which we don't require him to share that with his brothers, cuz it is his and they are too young to be trusted.


I listed out my reasons with DH and of course he's fine with it (though I could have listed out my reasons for the other side, and he would have been fine with that too...sometimes too laid-back!).


I can't wait to get some educational Apps, I think it's going to be a great tool to keep one DS busy, while I do one-on-one with another DS this coming school year.


Thanks again for all the advice! Always appreciate the Hive minds!!

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