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Anyone own a FitBit Ultra?

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It's going off how active you are. I think mine way overestimates how many calories I'm burning. I could take some steps to adjust that, by changing some settings, but I'm not focused on those numbers.

I do enjoy seeing my stats on steps walked over time, and I also go back and add in whenever I do something like cycling. For me, the benefit is really that it automatically updates my info so I don't have to log things. I can go days without syncing and it's ok- when I sync, it goes back and fills in the data.


The sleep data is something I used for a few weeks to get some baselines and now never wear it while sleeping. But I will say, although I wake up a good bit each night, it's clustered. So while I might THINK I toss and turn all night, I really just have a couple of periods that include waking several times. Good to know.

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I bumped an older thread (my bad) and missed this more recent one. I just got my ultra after my old fitbit died after several years of faithful service. I asked on the other thread - anyone want to do a community group? Fitbit has groups.


And by the way, I discovered this time Amazon has fitbits for $10 less than the fitbit site. Just an FYI there.

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