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Looking for geography program


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As far as food, I'd be tempted to have a child that age start doing some of her own research and cooking. She could use the internet and library books to research the origin of food and some popular national recipes, then recreate one and write up a short blurb on why she choose that food, why it represents that country, why it's important to the people of the country, how it developed, etc.

She might need guidance at first, but if she's really interested in the topic, it'd be a good way to teach her some research skills, which are very important. Plus- maybe you could get out of cooking dinner every now and then! :lol:

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I like your way of thinking, Kymmie! I just need to find a way to fit that in to the schedule! :)


I'm glad to hear it! My DD is still a little younger, just 6.5, so sometimes I'm not sure if my *brilliant* (sarcasm.... :tongue_smilie:) ideas for others are age appropriate or if I'm completely off.


Good luck either way. We are also learning about other countries, and using music and food (as well as holiday celebrations, traditional clothing, etc.), but I get to do all the research myself! Yay me! :lol:

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