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I really need to look after myself better.

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Finally went to see my family doctor this morning. I am now on antibiotics for a wicked sinus infection & a nasty UTI. I had the sinus infection a month ago and didn't bother to see the doctor (too busy) and it got better after 10 days but evidently it is back with a vengeance. Combine those infections with my super low iron and low blood pressure - and that explains the exhaustion the last few weeks!!


I really should have done this weeks ago but you know how life gets in the way? The kids activities, homeschooling, work, housecleaning, etc.


Just tell me to smarten up :glare:


(oh and thanks to the person in another thread who reco'd Floradix for the low iron - just picked some up today)

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I hear you! I have needed new glasses for 2 years. I finally got a new pair when the dog chewed on the old ones. I just never made time. My shoulder hurts most of the time, and has for at least a year, but I still haven't gone in.


We moms are so busy taking care of other people we forget ourselves!

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