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Need advice for phonics/spelling please!


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I am homeschooling dd7. My question is in regard to phonics/spelling/reading...dd7 has finished OPGTR last fall and has completed all the emerging readers from HOD plus some with no problem(reads fluently, comprehends fine, and misses very few words). We stopped halfway through ETC 7 because I didn't feel it was all that phonics oriented. Had R&S phonics and put her in those books but she completed the pages in not time with no mistakes. I began to feel like I was just giving her busy work.

With that said spelling was a thorn in the side...she hated AAS because of the tiles and she complained how easy the word lists were....She finished level 1 and we stopped at halfway in Level 2. I have looked at and have other programs (studied dictation HOD, Spelling Plus).

I am wanting to streamline so that I don't feel as though we are not getting everything accomplished or we are rushing like crazy. Also, I don't want to go too fast or so slow if it is not needed.

So...what do I do for this year...

1) Let go of phonics and just have her read (already have books lined up) and use AAS for spelling trusting that will catch any phonics she needs extra work


2)Let go of phonics and AAS....Use a totally different approach to spelling (she seems to be a natural speller)


3)Make phonics from R&S independent work and continue with spelling of choice.


I am really struggling with what to do for her....reading, grammar, and writing are set...it's spelling and phonics!

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Once my readers were fluent I stopped phonics, did spelling (Sequential Spelling -- it does move rather slowly, though), and had them read aloud daily (not a "reading lesson", but had them read part of a lesson, a poem aloud, a picture book to a younger sibling, etc. Something that flowed naturally but gave me the opportunity to hear them reading). Sometimes a phonics gap would come up and I'd fill it in when I noticed it, but I am already completely familiar and comfortable with phonics, rules, etc.


If you want to build your own fluency with phonics, I'd recommend ABCs and All Their Tricks (a reference manual) and/or Uncovering the Logic of English.


Hope that helps!

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