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Moving--truck size and helping child

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We are moving soon. One of my sons is having a hard time. We aren't moving so far that we won't be able to visit friends. However, he's sad about leaving the house itself. I am too actually. Are there any neat ideas to help him with the leaving the house part of this? I told him we'd take video and pictures.


The U-haul lady recommended a 20 foot truck. Do you think that's big enough for furniture for the average size home (3 bedroom, family room, living room, bookcases, etc.)?

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Based on my experience, I would recommend a bigger truck, unless making more than one trip is an option. Have you taken a thoughtful look at your stuff, measured things, really given thought to how much space it will take? It's better to have extra space than not enough space.

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We moved a 3 bdrm. home in a 26' truck + our personal 6X10 utility trailer + made another trip with our trailer for shed/outdoor stuff. But, we might have a lot of junk compared to you. :)


As far as kids go - it helps our kids to give them some ownership of the new place. Our kids got to pick the colors they wanted their bedrooms painted, then we made sure to follow through on that promise as soon as it was possible. Then they got to pick new bedding for their beds.


We've moved a lot, and we've only ever had to do that once. Before that, they were too young and the two times after that, there were other "pros" that outweighed the "cons" of moving (long distances) - such as being closer to family, or living within driving distance of Disneyland. :)

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