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So would BOTH TT Pre-Algebra and Algebra be equivalent to a regular Pre-Algebra?

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I am always hearing how TT is "behind", doesn't have all the things in it to be complete, etc.


I know people weigh in on both sides; I don't want to debate.


I'm just looking for a way for math-phobic, math-hater dd12 to get a good grasp on Pre-Algebra in a very engaging way that teaches at least some of the WHY behind the math (and not just rote).


She has used CLE up til now (is finishing 6) and can score okay in the math book but has no clue about how to apply the math outside of it. She only understands math in a formulaic way and I want to make sure to lay a good foundation for algebra and beyond by helping her understand more what she's doing.


I am trying the MUS Epsilon (just finished) and Zeta dvds with her to try to remediate her math understanding, but his explanations aren't working for her.


Could TT be the thing to help, and would both TT Pre-Alg and Alg give a good pre-algebra coverage?

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Not to be trite, but if TT pre-algebra works for her and you keep going in the sequence (which I would think you would), then does your original question of how it compares to another pre-algebra curriculum matter?? And did you give her the placement test just to check where she should go? They have a gr 7 TT as well. Just a good little thing to check.


My dd will finish her TT pre-algebra at some point, and if you're in the market you're welcome to buzz me. It's the 2.0.

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If you were saying TT pre-algebra to BJU Algebra I, yes you'd be in serious problems. But TT pre-algebra to Jacobs algebra 1, no biggee. The thing that struck me though is how non-standard a choice that is. Whatever, NONE OF MY BUSINESS. I'm just wondering about what you do if your "not really clicking with math" kid gets in Jacobs at this new school and totally isn't getting it. You might need a longer-term solution.


I really don't think what you do to go into Jacobs matters. You could do TT next school year and then do something (Keys to, whatever) over the summer to fill in any perceived cracks and be FINE. That's not gonna be an issue. To me how she does in the course is going to have less to do with her background than it does with whether that approach fits her or not. Just saying. Have you seen a copy for yourself?


None of my business, but that's my two cents.

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Ok, hopefully I am not stepping on a land mine here:D


I think that they year behind people are more with the graded levels TT3, TT4 etc. (I am in the pro TT camp so I am not 100% sure.)


Once you get to pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, etc... those are more separate subject.


If you were to do 2 levels of TT in a year, you would need a fast pace. That won't necessarily help a math phobic kid.


What I would do (and we are doing something similar here at a lower grade). We do TT at a normal pace, but at a high level. There are seven lessons between each quiz. 6 of those must be above 90%, 1 can be in the 80's as long as the quiz is also 90%. If not, he does them over.


Then, alongside of this we do Life of Fred. It is completely different to TT, but still fun math. It only takes about 10 min a day.


We are finding other fun supplements to math, but keeping TT at a steady pace and as our spine. DS, is comfortable with it, he likes it, and as long as we say that his math program is TT with fun extras, he hasn't realized that 1 of the fun extras is another math program.

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