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SOTW 1 or SL core B?


Which history plan would you use for ancients with a 9 & 5 yr old  

  1. 1. Which history plan would you use for ancients with a 9 & 5 yr old

    • SOTW 1 with AG
    • SL Core B
    • Other

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I am thinking about history for next year for ds8 (he will be 9 by fall and doing gr 3) and dd4 to tag along (she will be 5 and doing K). Due to his severe LDs we have been slowly working through SL core K/A this past year and he has done well with it. I would like to get him started on the 4 year cycle next year, and dd5 can tag along as she is eager to do all the bigs do.


My options for ancients next year are:


SOTW1 with AG (and other books of course)




SL core B which is world history year 1 (covers creation to the fall of rome)


I also am looking at buying HSITW new activity pack cd-rom "Great Empires" to add to which ever I do, and work through the ones that fit the time period we are doing.


I already own everything needed for either option other than the TT cdrom, so I am not going to be spending much.


DS doesn't care one way to the other as long as he gets to build a sugar cube pyramid like his big siblings did years ago.


I will add a poll to make it easier for those who don't want to type a response to vote.


Which would you go with?

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Right now my personal plan is to do both. But I will admit that I might be over-doing it. :) And might wean down to just one as time goes by.


I figure, if it is too much, I have SOTW1 and CHOW filling the same role, so I'll just decide between the two of those and use the rest of what I have.



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I have been trying to stick with SOTW for three years now. I thought we would really enjoy it but so far each year we didn't even finish it. There may be other variables at play, but it just didn't work

for us. I miss the good stores SL provides so this year with my 8 almost 9 we will be ditching SOTW and will do SOnlight D+E.

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SL core B, adding in SOTW 1 where it corresponds, if you have the time or desire.


That's what we did once (with the older two), and plan on doing again (with the younger ones). It was fun--but it took longer than just one school year...we like rabbit trails...

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SOTW with AG, adding in fiction and nonfiction. You can take the best of the Sonlight books and just plug them in where you want. I never worry if the read aloud goes beyond the week in which it fits by subject. I tried not to pack too much in, but we usually did the map, a couple of activities, a read aloud, and a book basket type idea, plus the narration (only did one per chapter written--I scribed for dd for a while--and I just informally asked a few questions for the sections).

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I'm going with SOTW 1 for my 2nd grader this year. Part of my reason is that I have SOTW and the AG but I don't have the SL guide and I don't want to buy it. You already have it so that's not a factor for you. My other factor is that I am a box-checker. With SL I would feel the need to get things done according to the schedule. A serious personality flaw but I must work with it. :tongue_smilie: The box-checking works well with my ds's; not so much with dd. So I want something that will help *me* be flexible with scheduling our work.

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