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How do you schedule SOTW1?

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I would like to do history 3 days per week. M-W-F.


I would prefer to leave the craft for Friday while I re-read the scheduled chapter or read the suggested Lit.


Should I Read the scheduled section/narration on Mon. Read from the encyclopedia/anser questions on Wed or do narrations on both days?

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So far, we've been doing about 3 days of History.


Day 1 - I read the first part of the chapter (if there are 2 parts), we do the discussion questions, and I let him choose from the AG pages which one he wants to do that day (depending on what is available for that chapter...map work, coloring page, etc) and we also usually read any corresponding encyclopedia pages.


Day 2 - I read the second part of the chapter, we do the discussion questions, narration for both days and then he completes any additional pages in the AG. He will also read any suggested reads that we happened to pick up.


Day 3 - On Friday, we get together with another family and complete any of the fun activities like the pyramids, etc.

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I didn't use the encyclopedia very much for the first 3 SOTW books. I only did a formal narration with dd once for each chapter. I saved the map work until the whole chapter was read, since sometimes the second or third section was referenced in it.


We were a little less structured than some, but basically--

Day one--Read first section, take a narration, make a page for notebook (I scribed for her in first grade for a little while). Sometimes she'd color the coloring page while I read.

Day two--finish chapter, do map. Sometimes do a craft/game/experience/cooking from AG

Day 3--do anything else we wanted to.



I used historical fiction as a read aloud, so we read every day, and I didn't really count it as history time. We read other stuff, too--just big read aloud folks here in first and second grade.

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We do SOTW 5 days a week, and the crafts/colouring/projects are something we do a lot of, but it all depends on the chapter and the day, so minus the crafts/projects/colouring, here is what we do:


1 Chapter a week

Final leftover chapters are done for summer school


Monday: Read Chapter

Tuesday: Read Reference/Encyclopedia Books

Wednesday: Library/Story Books

Thursday: Movie

Friday: Audio & Lapbook component


So other stuff is inserted randomly. We may do a colouring or map page on Monday, some art on Tuesday, a project might last the entire week etc


If I was doing it 3 days a week, and not interested so much in the extras, i would probably do something like this:


Day 1: First part of chapter, then discuss. Possibly do some mapwork/colouring

Day 2: Final Part of Chapter, then discuss. Perhaps watch a 5 minute doco on Youtube

Day 3: Encyclopedia & a story book or craft

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