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Let's count our blessings!

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Three things I'm feeling so grateful for today:


1. We have medical, dental and vision insurance (that right there is a great blessing), and we just got a chance to switch plans without penalty so we can go back to some wonderful care providers I particularly like and trust!


2. Our peach tree yielded edible peaches for the first time this year, and we actually got to eat some before the squirrels showed up!


3. My parents are in amazing health for their ages and they're doing a wonderful job taking care of their personal and financial well-being, which allows us kids to focus on growing our own families.


Overall, we're really blessed and I'm realizing once again that attitude and gratitude have so much to do with happiness in life!


What are you grateful for today?

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I am strong enough,and smart enough, to take care of my kids alone when I have to do so.


I have been able to take my children to so many neat locations even though many kids in our area never leave this state.


My kids are healthy (knock wood) and well cared for.


I have known love in my life.


We have a roof over our heads and food on the table.

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Today I'm thankful for....


My husband...he's such a wonderful and generous provider for our family.


I went with our daughter to her OB appointment as she's 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced and her due date is Monday. She's healthy as is baby Sophia Grace.


All my kids who either call daily or leave me sweet messages...life is good! :D

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Thank you for encouraging me to think positively this evening!


-We all had a dentist appointment today and everyone got a clean bill of dental health.

-Staff at the dentist gave us two quarts of strawberries because a local produce supplier had extra and gave them 10 quarts. I can honestly say I have never come home from the dentist with produce!

-I was so thankful for our pool today. It is HOT!

-My mom (who has Alzheimers) had a great day today.

-Our summer math schedule is being followed and kids have had good attitudes about it.


That was fun. I hope someone posts this same question tomorrow. :-)

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1. I am thankful for my great kids. The baby has been sick today and needed held most of the day. The rest of the kids took care of themselves and each other so well, didn't complain about our blah dinner, and got ready for bed in record time this evening.


2. I am grateful for a particular family in my church that has gone above and beyond in helping us cope with a difficult situation at home.


3. I am thankful for MP3 players. I am finally learning how to upload audio books onto mine. It is wonderful! I know, I'm a little behind on the technology thing.

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I'm thankful that Chuck took a nice long nap today so I could clean my room. It's my "hoarders" room and always such a mess. Thankful that the boys loved watching Bill Nye the Science Guy to keep them occupied while I cleaned. Thankful that Digby fell asleep during the nighttime read aloud. Thankful that Chuck seemed to quiet down quickly. Getting those two to sleep is always such a difficult chore; tonight it wasn't so bad *knock on wood*


As always, thankful for DH. I really don't deserve that man and his patience. And while I have a feeling he won't be getting the new job, I know we can survive this one a bit longer if we have to.

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Ok. Some of you might pale, but I gave my youngest (7th grade) a little history quiz today. One of the questions was "Who was president of the US during most of WWII?". I thought it was an easy question, and I freaked when my dc wrote " General Eisenhower'.


What up???


I was upset. But my dh said, "DC knows the major players of the 1940's and WW II. Lots of kids this age wouldn't have a clue who Eisenhower was. Let's review with the child without going nuts, OK?"


Of course, dh was right. DC also knew E was pres right before Kennedy.


So my blessing for today is that my youngest has a sense of modern (Western) history's major players.



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My family is blessed beyond measure and I need to be more grateful every day!


Three things for today are:


-after 17 months my parents sold their house in PA and are going to be able to join us in CO in August


-the Lord has given me astounding peace with my miscarriage last week


-and for a frivolous one...CO has no humidity. I love that it has been around 100 degrees the last few days and it is no where as near as unbearable as if we were still on the east coast

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My kids are having an amazing week, swimming lessons in the morning and VBS in the afternoon. I am surviving it...:tongue_smilie:



We have full bellies, toy boxes, kitchen cupboards, closets (and hampers) and most importantly, bookshelves.



We met a neat homeschool grad today. :D She spent an enormous amount of time chatting with my kids. I am *truly* thankful for her kind influence.



There is a tiny baby growing in my tummy...making me very sick all day...but happy sick. iykwim.

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That I have a job that is stimulating and that I am suited to, and no debt, and reasonable health. That my ornery son will grow up to be a decent guy because he is so much like the decent guys in my family. That my mind is sharper than ever and I love learning. That I went to a Penzey's store today, and now my spice cabinet smells very, very good. That in the morning hubby will make me another travel mug full of his perfectly made Joe.

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I honestly have zero things to complain about, and am not grateful enough most of the time for how blessed I really am. Thank you for bringing this up and making me reflect! :)




I am thankful that a member here helped encourage me so deeply yesterday, and I am still thinking about it all day today. I feel that came straight from God.


I am thankful to have a husband and children who adore me- what a huge blessing that is right now.


I am thankful that both of my parents are alive and healthy.


I am SO thankful that my husband and children are healthy. And myself.


I am thankful that we only have to go one more day without money in the bank, that dh's paycheck will be in on Thursday.


I am thankful that we are out of money because we got a dog and not some disastrous event.


I am thankful for the many ways God speaks to me in everything around me, all of the ways He cares for me despite all I've done to be stupid and judgmental and prideful and whatever else.


I am thankful for the many hobbies I enjoy and look forward to.


I could go on and on!

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