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Biology - Does college non-major bio cover the same as high school material?

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Biology for non-science majors was approximately the same level of difficulty as a high school course, but the pace of the class was quite a bit faster than a high school course would be.




This is what I would expect. The content would be the same as a solid high school biology, but since it is done in a semester instead of a year, it will be a bit more challenging.

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I was looking at the course repository website http://www.courserepository.org/ and saw the AP Bio and the college-level non-major bio. The non-major course looks good, but I'm wondering if it actually would cover the same info as a high school level course, or if it would be a lot more advanced, just not as advanced as the AP course. What do you think?


I am actually planning to use this course in the fall and have already bought the books. The only high school biology I can compare it to is Apologia. There is a lot more in the Campbell than in the Apologia book, but it does not look undoable. A lot of the difference is that there are a lot more graphics and that it is written in a lot more of a textbook style, whereas the Apologia is written more conversationally. I personally prefer the Campbell, as I think those graphics are actually important for biology. I also think that it is definitely at least an AP course and would take care of bio for a non-science major and serve a science major as excellent preparation. The Apologia is an acceptable biology for a non-science major who expects to take biology in college again.


Hope that helps!



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