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Homemade vanilla extract--is it too late for Christmas??

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How much vodka do you have? I used 7 beans in the largest bottle of vodka.

Vodka comes in different size bottles?? :blink:


Teetotaler here. :lol:


I'll go over to the liquor store today and shop. I'll feel so decadent :lol:

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According to Martha Stewart, you use 1 cup good vodka and 2 split vanilla beans. Let it sit for 3 months.


That would last me a very long time. I might do several small batches like that for gifts.


Now where would you find nice 8 oz glass bottles?

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I've cut and pasted below the method I used last year -- I started very late and had little tags on the bottles that said not to use before february 1.




You can also make vanilla sugar by putting a split vanilla bean into a jar of white, granulated sugar. Great way to infuse the sugar with vanilla flavor for baking. I did this too when I was finished bottling vanilla - I dried the beans and made gifts of vanilla sugar.





That is the recipe I used. Dh and I bought Four bottles of Imperia vodka -- you don't need to spend that much money on vodka -- you can buy a lesser brand. Everyone says that the $$$ of the vodka doesn't matter, but I am jus tincredibly insecure so I researched and read up on vodka and I decided that we would use Imperia. I think that next time, I will buy a less expensive brand.


We bought Four 34 oz bottles of vodka, I think --


I bought 4 oz amber glass bottles (link here): http://www.specialtybottle.com/amberbostonroundglassbottle4ozwstdcap.aspx


I think I bought 16 or 20 bottles -- cannot remember.


I bought some 32 oz bottles (as a gift, I gave one person a 32 oz bottle of vanilla extract -- I did not give any others that size -- everyone else received 4 oz bottles and in the future, everyone will get 4 oz bottles - no exceptions -- the vodka is just too expensive).


I bought madasgascar vanilla beans: link here: http://www.kitchenproject.com/vanilla/Vanilla_Bean2.html#beans


I guess I bought the pack of 25 beans and the owner of the company sent me an additional 12 beans gratis.


I had labels printed from here: http://www.myownlabels.com/food-craft_labels/SPFM04/


www.myownlabels.com I ordered the FRENCH MARKET in Tuxedo color. I spent about $100 on custom labels and it was worth every penny! It added the unbelievable POW that a homemade gift needs. I probably spent more time on the labels than anything else because I wanted them to be perfect -- and they are.:)

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I LOVE you guys!!!! I was just coming on here to ask Marianne for her recipe again (sorry Marianne, I lost it!):blush:. With my daughter's allergies, I now HAVE to make my own Vanilla extract. I'm so excited!!!!!


Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!



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