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X-posting here because I really need help choosing a Worldview program!

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I will be teaching 3 girls next school year: EK (12th grade), along with a 13yo 8th grader and a 16yo 10th/11th grader. I want to do an apologetics/worldview course with them. Of the 3 girls, only EK has a firm Christian foundation or solid Bible instruction. Also, EK really enjoys reading, while the 13yo and the 16yo have some comprehension difficulties and do not like to read.


I own Starting Points and Understanding the Times, and I will incorporate elements of each into the two older girls' history and literature coursework next year (discussing some of the philosophies as we study the relevant historical events 1800-present; reading Mere Christianity, Frankenstein, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Deadliest Monster), but these programs would be WAY too much for the 13yo, and some parts are probably too much for the 16yo. So...


I'm trying to decide on a worldview program I can do with all 3 girls together--something that would challenge EK and at the same time not overwhelm the other two girls. :001_huh: A one-semester course would probably be fine, but we would likely stretch it out over the whole school year.


Can you tell me about your own experiences with any of these?


The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith Student Editions with leader guide


Lightbearers from Summit Ministries


Thinking Like a Christian and Countering Culture (although it appears that these two are actually "excerpts" of Understanding the Times. Is that correct???)

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WOW I didn't know there was a leader guide for "The Case for Christ", etc. I have done Starting Points and Thinking Like a Christian with my oldest daughter, but my son could not handle that level of thinking so I am going to look into the student editions/leader guides you mentioned. My daughter enjoyed the Starting Points except for Frankenstein - but she didn't like reading Moby Dick for literature either (I did though). We both enjoyed Thinking Like a Christian. For my son who has comprehension issues I am going to download some teachings on specific aspects of a Christian worldview in lieu of the textbook type curriculum and look at "The Case" series. Have you looked at Demolishing the Strongholds? We recently watched the first session of that, but don't know much about it.

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