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How to determine level for AAS?

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I think I've decided to use AAS next year since it's good for dyslexics, but I can't figure out which level to use. Indy is past levels 1-3, but I don't know if we should start with level 4 or 5. I don't want to buy a set and then have to send it back and wait for the next level to come in. I can't find a placement test on their site. Any advice?

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Level 1 is way, way to basic for him as is level 2. Maybe I need to look for something else?


That may be.


You could also post on their forums and ask... but if you did choose to start at Level 1, you might want to only get the teacher book and mainly discuss the rules (key cards), review if there are any topics he doesn't get (with my son it was alphabetization and major syllable division issues).


The key cards (rules) aren't explicitly stated in future books, although you should be reviewing them. I imagine that's why the recommendation is to start at Level 1.

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