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2012 4H shows

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How is it going for everyone?


Ds choose to take a break from 4H this summer so we aren't prepping any projects. It's really quiet and strange not having entomology specimens in the freezer or fridge or taking up space in the dining room. I really miss the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks before the fair.


Please let me know how your children are doing so I may vicariously enjoy the 4H summer.

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Our 4 boys dropped off 11 county fair entries yesterday AM.

Usually we have at least ONE quick run to Walmart for Velcro tabs or more mat board. So sorry you're missing that. Ha.


They do it for the prize money, but I like the "easy" opportunity to participate in a County (& hopefully State) event.


Two boys did watercolor Star Wars characters. Our eldest ds entered 7 different photography categories. Our 20yo dd is the one who got everyone started on the Fair ten years ago, as she is a craft-aholic. Indeed, fun memories! :001_smile:

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County fair is the third week of July. So, we are gearing up. Ours boys are entering mostly science projects, rocketry, physics, chemistry, aeronautics, computer programming, biology, geology, robotics, and engineering but one boy is doing a clay structure, one is entering creative writing, and one has two drawings (pen/ink and lead pencil) as well. Oh wait, the middle boy is entering in the exotic animal division and will have a lizard at the fair as well.


I'll let you know how they do. I think our youngest may earn a science best of show. He's building a remote control helium blimp and doing a presentation on dirgibles. He's doing an amazing job and will fly it inside the horticultural barn for the judges. His engineering plan is pretty complex and he's accomplishing it without assistance, so I have high hopes for him.



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We dropped off photographs and drawings last week, but won't know how they do until 3rd week of July. Also gearing up for the county dog show working on obedience, showmanship and agility. Not sure if my Dc will help with their club's display board. My Dc have done most of the work for the club for years and we feel like it's time for someone else to step up. Then again, it seems weird not being involved.


Oh, yes....love those last minute trips to Wal-Mart for mat frames, etc.


Next year we'd like to have more projects ready. Our Dog Club has never given out the class list for project judging in previous years. They focused on dogs pretty exclusively. We only learned about it last year. We always wondered why other clubs had so many neat things on display. Now that Ds is president he has been making sure all the members are aware of projects they can submit.

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You mean we're supposed to get things ready before the night before the fair? :svengo:


OK, it isn't quite that bad for us, but we really do need to get moving!


I, know, that's the part that gets me. We are working on terrariums this week, just for fun. I thought about the possibility of them entering their terrariums as projects, but the requirement is that they be cared for by the child for 2 months before the fair. I'm not sure either of them would want to subject their beloved plants to the heat of the 4H tent anyway. :001_unsure:


Seriously, I have saved the class list for projects and will be using it as I plan for the school year. I'll be incorporating some of the projects as school assignments. Who knew that essays, poems, and short stories are on the list of possible project submissions?

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