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An update of my last prayer request thread

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This thread asked for prayer for my chest pains/palpitations and also for my MIL who was severely depressed and wanting to die after a stroke.


Here's my update:


I have had my chest pains/palpitations go away after I added calcium to the the magnesium that I'm taking. I still am trying to tweak my magnesium intake so that hopefully my achy muscles will get even better. This is a bit of a long shot after 20 years of pain but hope springs eternal. I got magnesium flakes and as soon as downtown Newcastle (all one block of it!) gets it's order of spray bottles in, I will mix up some magnesium oil and try that on my muscles. I'm already taking the maximum amount of oral magnesium so now I have to by-pass my gut to get the amount my muscles need.


My MIL is much much improved. Her doctors told us that severe depression is common after bleeding in the brain. We are taking turns helping her out as we can. Dh has applied for family leave to have on file if he needs to take it to provide her even more care. She is eating and drinking again though and that helps her to feel better and to then get up out of bed and we have a good cycle instead of a vicious one.


So thank you for your prayers. They have been much appreciated.

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So glad that you are both improving. I'm really starting to believe that dd's chest pains are also being caused by a lack of magnesium and dehydration. I have to do better about remembering to make her take a cal/mag daily.

:grouphug: I hope things continue to improve!

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