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NAET? Have you tried it?

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We have had discussions about it here. Do a search and you can see various experiences.


We did it. I think it worked, but not too sure. No one had big allergies. I always say, it really depends on the practitioner. The one we worked with wasn't that experienced or well-trained. However, a boy I knew who had been severely hyperactive went to an expert and was helped immensely! His mom had learned about this practitioner from another mom whose son was helped immensely.


Some who have had success with NAET say you can do a similar treatment yourself with a laser light.



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I agree that a large part of the success is with the practitioner. But resetting the body can only do so much. It is also important that the patient follow through with steps to fix the environment that caused the issue in the first place whether that is gut health, emotional stress, etc.

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