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Has anyone ever used Power Basics-American Government?

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I think it is high school level. Biblioplan schedules it, Rainbow Resource sells it. I'm just wondering what it is like and if a 7th grader and possibly 4th grader tag-along would get much out of it. I wouldn't mind covering some civics type discussion in this election year and year 3 of the history cycle for us.


Or does anyone have something that they like better for this age?

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We're using icivics.org, which is free. My rising 7th grader really enjoys the games. We are using the lesson plans as well, in the following topic order:


1. Foundations of Government unit

2 Constitution unit

3. The Three Branches unit (and go on to the executive/legislative/judicial more in-depth units)

4. State and Local Government unit

5. Budget unit

6. Politics and Public Policy unit (including the media unit here between the electoral process and candidate evaluation)

7. Citizenship unit

8. International Affairs unit


Each of these curriculum units has several individual lesson plans and games that require about one standard class period per topic (some take more). Each unit has an internal order that you can see at the bottom of the individual pdfs (it will give the one that they suggest come before and the one after the currently viewed lesson). We'll be skipping the ones that involve role play or skits (with an only child, those don't work as well here) and the webquests (they seem to be aimed at younger children). I'm going to save the civil rights unit for later in our history studies, and we'll see whether or not the persuasive writing lessons will work for us as we get toward the end. Writing is still something we're working on and she'll be taking an outside class in it this fall.


Note: this is not a Christian-specific resource, if that will make a difference in what you choose to use.

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I haven't used the Power Basics Government, but have used Power Basics for other subjects. Based on those I've used, there should be no problem with having a 7th grader use it, and your 4th grader could easily get something out of it, too. They are aimed at high school, but are written at a lower reading level, so they aren't overwhelming to younger students or struggling readers. Having not used the Government myself, I can't say how comprehensive or rigorous it is, but I felt the need to supplement the ones I used, even though my child was in 6 & 7 grades when we used them.


I also second the suggestion for icivics.org games (which would make a great supplement to Power Basics), my eldest really enjoys them. Though we have not used their lesson plans, so can offer no opinion on those.

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