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iPad people-just a plug for my survivor case!

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Dh got me my iPad for Christmas and he already had it in a griffin survivor case. They are military grade, pretty much indestructible cases. Mine has survived being dropped, tossed around, and manhandled by a 2 yr old...and klutzy mom. They are a little bulky, but we need the super indestructible powers over a slimline case.


Dh bought my survivor case from Amazon before the holidays and didn't have a receipt or the packaging. My case seems to have an issue with the silicone cover being too loose, and I am sure it's just a fluke since I have seen plenty of their cases in person and they are all firm and snug. Griffin is replacing mine even though we have no paperwork for it!:D. (thankful, because it is an $80 case). Good customer erevice and a great case!

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I have them for our iPod Touches (3 of them) and we have been extremely happy. Before that my girls had actually gone through at least three other iPods due to humidity from indoor pool settings, so far absolutely no problems with the new IPods in the Survivor cases.

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