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all 4 kids in VBS this week from 9am to 12:15pm

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I love being with my kids, but I think I'd be doing the happy dance all week! :tongue_smilie:


I'd probably go clothes, shoe, and makeup shopping for myself, take myself out to brunch, go get a coffee in the bookstore and browse for a couple of hours. A pedicure?


If there is no little bit of money for a treat then chocolate, bubble bath, and a good book.

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Last week when this happened to me I:


--painted my bedroom/office

--took a LONG time in 2 thrift stores, which was great

--ran a bunch of random "in and out" type errands I hate dragging the kids to

--organized school stuff for next year

--listed quite a few things on Ebay


I struggle just relax and sit still, so I didn't really do that, but got a bunch done.



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I had experience last year, and will have it this year again. I feel guilty that I didn't volunteer to help, but my kids are helpers so that makes me feel a little better.


On these occasions I make myself a rough schedule of things to accomplish:


coffee dates with friends

clothes shopping

specific cleaning/organizing projects

read for pleasure

watch a movie that no one else in the family wants to watch

sewing project

visit a public garden by myself


If I don't plan it out, I'll just end up doing random chores all week.


Enjoy your time!

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Sleep, clean, eat whatever I want (CHinese take-out isn;t so expensive when you only have to buy one lunch order) :D


My absolute favorite: Go bra shopping. I cannot shop for bras when I'm rushed or have a child of any age with me.


Also nice: meet a freind who doesn;t have children. She may love children, and even adore your children, but she might enjoy a adults-only lunch, too- rather than always having to see the children when she wants to see her friends.

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On Monday, I am going to clean. The other days I was going to paint, but not 100% sure on that now. I will also read, but not sure what else!

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I just had my oldest in VBS last week and even that was a nice break! We ran a lot of errands. (without someone asking me a thousand questions)


If I was alone I would probably split it up with half practical and half luxury time.

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