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Paging Dr. Hive

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I woke up this morning with one tonsil swollen and painful to the point that it hurts to swallow.


But that's all.


It's not red, angry, white, or patchy. The other tonsil and the throat are perfectly fine. I do have a little bit of stuffiness, but that's not unusual for me first thing in the morning.


Thoughts? Thanks!

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I would get a test for strep and checked for a peritonsilar abscess.


Those abscesses are nasty! Yikes! I wouldn't want to go through that again.


ETA: Don't worry. If you had that, it would become clear and you would be on your way to the doctor's. You would probably see a lot of swelling in the area, and it would be very painful. When dd had one, she couldn't eat or drink, or even open her mouth very much. She was six and they had her on morphine, an anti-inflammatory and antibiotics--all via IV. She did not test positive for strep.


Sometimes with the start of viruses, I get sore on one side, or sometimes I get sore on one side and it clears up completely by the next day.

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