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Cultural Studies


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My 8th grade dd wants to study world cultures (she just got back from a missions trip, so I think she's hyped by that and I want to encourage her interest). We are already planning on doing American history, so I don't want to do a full curriculum like SL 5. I was thinking of doing one continent a month and studying the people, land, etc. Any suggestions?

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Christian Cottage Unit studies volume 2, For God So Loved The World has individual unit studies for each country of the Eastern hemisphere and includes 4 seperate schedules for lower elementary through high school. It has Bible, writing, vocabulary, recipes, crafts, map work, timeline, projects galore, and an awesome reference list for each seperate age group with books movies and even cookbooks on it. We really enjoyed these. You can pick and choose and go as in depth as you want. The price isn't bad either, around $40 for the disc or $75 for the printed copy and it's about a 3 inch thick binder full.

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My favorite topic. Here are some must have resources.


Material World- Very interesting see if your library has it. Also by the same guy is "Hungary Planet".


Window on the World (When we Pray God Works)-about 80 people groups are discussed on a 2 page spread. Nice pictures. It would be a great springboard to do further studies. She could just read about 2 different groups a week and then the ones she is really interested in do further study. This is what I will have my 7 grade son do this upcoming year. (This is a Christian book.)


A great DK book with wonderful pictures is called "How people Live" again check it out form the library. I did and realized it was one I wanted for our library.




I like the series called, "The Lands, People, and Culture Series". It is a Bobbie kalman book. There are usually 3 titles per country. One about the culture, one about the people, and one about the land. Lots of photos.


Of course there is YWAM- that will have biographies of missionaries -great prices.


I know Winter Promise has a program that you may want to pull some stuff from.


Also another book we will be using this fall is called, " A Child's Geography" VOL. 2 -Explore the Holy Lands. this covers, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. google the title and you can find sample chapters .


I hope this helps. I think this the most fun and exciting stuff to learn.

Have fun



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MFW ECC is set up by continent, so you could easily do one unit for a couple of weeks, go back to your regular studies, and so on. Or just do ECC 2 or 3 times a week as a separate subject from your American history. Either way would work. The science in ECC is fairly light, so that wouldn't be time consuming at all... the rest would be primarily cultural studies from a missions POV, so of course it includes Bible, too.


It would take longer than just one school year to get through ECC by dividing it up that way, but that's okay. There's no reason she couldn't continue working through it into 9th grade. http://www.mfwbooks.com/ecc.htm Note the link near the top there that takes you to additional recommendations for junior high students, if you don't already have those areas covered.


We have ECC and my 12yo is anxious to get going on this, as she has a passion for missions, too. She'd LOVE to go on a missions trip. For now, she'll just have to settle for "missions in the military" since her dad has recently re-joined. ;) The cultural studies will also be great for the military culture, though.

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You might get some ideas from this free curriculum site:




"This year long program of geography, world cultures and english reading assignments is designed to be a junior high or high school curriculum that compliments WinterPromise's Children Around the World Program with extras and "gravy" for younger siblings. WinterPromise's program is designed for grades 2-6. I purchased WinterPromise's CAW program to use with my youngest child but wanted to include my two high schoolers in a combined family adventure of learning."

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from the many ideas you all gave me.


I might start with Around the World in 180 Days as my guide to studying the 7 continents (geography, cultures, etc). They recommend The Voice of the Martyrs and looking at their website, my daughter really liked the Courage Kids Bold Believers activity books. We will use several for Asia, South America and Europe. I can't decide whether to use them for Africa or use the GEODEO Journey to Africa self-study resources. Has anyone used it?


I also found Hands of a Child lapbook project packs that I'm thinking of using for variety. They have them for all 7 continents and even have one on missionaries! I may even use them as the starting point instead of AW180D. Anyone use them?


MFW ECC, Sonlight 5, Los Banos unit study, and WP CAW all have so many wonderful resources! I will probably grab a little here and alittle there! Material World and Hungry Planet also look great! We will also definitely use YWAM materials.


Thanks so much everyone for all your help!

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