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The Boy Chemist

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Ds will be 10. I tried to attach a pdf but it is an older book that has a bunch of chemistry experiments, how to set up a lab at home etc. I was wondering if there are any sets I could buy that would get him started. Or where do you get your supplies? Or :lol: what is a good set for a 10 year old?



In case anyone else wants the book:

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This person, the home scientist, has been a regular poster here at one point. They sell kits and information.


There was someone here called the happy scientist who looked like a hippy and was building a science program.

I don't know if they were selling supplies or just information.


I used Aurora Lippors Supercharged science for a little while and she told us about home science tools


I have bought a chemistry set with just the (is it called hardware?) just the chemistry set pieces with nothing in it, just the tubes and beakers and vials (googled the parts for my son's science vocabulary work). and burner.


My son's little so when he asked to do "pouring science" (from pics of kids with flasks in goggles and labcoats) he got all the real vials and flasks, a three ring binder with page protectors for his science notebook, disposable lab coat (Mr., goggles (rub spit in them so they don't fog). Right now he gets food coloring and water and a strong warning not to spill (happens sometimes) or break the glass (hasn't happened yet and he's used it tons since last christmas). I take it out of the box and put it on the kitchen table. I put it away when he's done.


Thanks for your pdf. I'll get him more than colored water once he can read that to me and tell me what it means. He's reading my father's dragon and can follow the steps in "how to draw" stuff, so, he'll be there sooner ir later.


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