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Books on helping socially awkward adults?

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My dh, bless his heart, is socially a bit awkward. Mainly when he first meets people... he just doesn't really know what to say, so he doesn't say anything! I end up being the conversationalist to break the ice. He admits he doesn't know what to say, and has trouble thinking of things to ask the other person, etc.


Are there any books out there addressing this problem? Conversation starter questions would be good for him to memorize and utilize. I've told him two questions he could ask, 1."where do you live?" and 2."what do you do?" I think a book might help him understand more the importance of making others feel at ease. I think in turn, he would therefore feel more at ease in social settings too. Anything out there addressing this?

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I am not so sure you can learn that from a book. I think it is a natural ability, LOL. Even if he does memorize those conversation starters....he will probably still seem awkward...KWIM?


I think he needs practice, practice, practice!!!! He is probably used to YOU breaking the ice....and he will never learn as long as you do it for him. So....I think he needs to get out and practice....without you!


And....I hate to tell you....but some people never learn (my husband is one of them)!



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A book that helped me was "How to have power and confidence in dealing with people" by Les Giblen.


Also "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie (sp?).. Don't let the title fool you, it can help.


My dh is self-employed and was in sales for a while, we have read lots of books on dealing with the public. Those two were the most helpful to me, the non-sales person.


Like Tammy said, practice, practice, practice.

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If those don't work, or you need something more nuts and bolts, you might want to take a look at some of the books for adults with Asperger's. There are numerous books at all different levels and they break down social tasks very pragmatically, including what questions to ask, etc. I've recommended them to friends who have adult children who don't have Asperger's, but who just have some social glitches that make situations difficult for them.


Just a thought. I don't have titles for you, as there are so many and such a wide range, but if you search amazon.com for Asperger's + adults, that should give you some titles to start with.



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