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s/o: how many hours does your 2-3 year old sleep, total?

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12-13 hours at night, no nap. He's usually asleep by 6:15pm or so, and he generally wakes up between 6 and 7am. He slept until almost 8am twice last week.


He stopped napping at 18 months. His sleep was a disaster when he napped. He was never actually tired so he fought going to sleep constantly, even after hours and hours of hard play outside. Now he's actually tired at night and goes to sleep happily.


ETA: He usually nurses once or twice overnight. If he doesn't wake to nurse in the midle of the night, he sometimes wakes for the day earlier because he's hungry.

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FWIW, a good source for sleep statistics is Weissbluth's Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It includes statistical charts on things like number of total hours at various percentiles for various ages, percent taking naps at what ages and for how long, bedtime and waketime percentiles, etc. The library probably has this book if you're just interested in looking at the charts.


I don't have my copy anymore, so I can't look this stat up, but it's in there.


For my kids, overnight hours at that age depend a little bit on whether they're still napping. Generally, however, my almost-3 y.o. goes to bed around 7:30 with her two slightly older non-napping siblings, though she probably doesn't always fall asleep right away. My kids tended to nap until around 3 or so. 3.5 was an unpleasant time of transition, as they needed a nap (though they didn't want one), but the nap would make the bedtime too late/the overnight sleep too short, so they'd end up overtired regardless. I should add that most of them went through phases when they resisted napping (at varying points around 2/2.5), and it was a huge pain in the neck getting them down for a nap, but most of them came back around eventually.

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