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Hi, I'm new here. I didn't see any where for intros, so thought I'd just jump in.


One of my kids, ET2, has recently started the current school year. So, I'm working on planning the next year. ET2 is doing a few different Math programs this year, that equate to a solid Pre-Algebra (and maybe a little more). One of the programs ET2 is doing is LOF. I think LOF will work well for this child and am hoping to use it as the main Math curriculum as of next year. We added it to the other Math ET2 was doing this year to see how well it works for ET2 and what ET2 thinks of it.


So, I'm thinking LOF Beginning & Advanced Algebra next year as the main focus. I was also thinking of adding AoPS Intro to Algebra & Intro to Number Theory as a supplement, for ET2 to have fun with. ET2 is a very 'mathy' kid - is great at it and really loves doing Math. I don't really have any doubts that ET2 will be ready to handle the level of work next year.


I'm just wondering if anyone here has combined these two programs, and how it worked for them. Is it important to go through AoPS in order, or can you skip around? If LOF doesn't seem to be a good fit as ET2's main Math curriculum, I may use AoPS as the main & LOF as the supplement (since ET2 is already in love with LOF and would not want to give it up completely).

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I have one kid in AOPS algebra and one in LOF algebra. These programs are very, very different.


LOF breaks things into nice bite-size chunks. AOPS throws the whole cow at you. (Or dumps the whole potato truck if you're a vegetarian :))


My suggestions are:


1. Go to the AOPS website, and download the "post test" for their prealgebra book. It's harder than the "pre test" for the algebra book, and a better way to evaluate if the student is ready for AOPS algebra.


2. Create an Alcumus account for the student. See how they like clicking on "get problem" and getting problems without instruction first, because that's how their books work, too.


3. Read through this recent thread on AOPS. AOPS has a unique approach and requires the ability to tolerate frustration in both teacher and student. This thread captures that pretty well and is worth your time.




4. If you decide to try AOPS, think of LOF as the supplement to AOPS, not the other way around. Because AOPS is not an "instruction then practice" book, it is a poor fit for using as a supplement or for skipping around.



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Thank you.


I am planning on setting up an Alcumus account, but thought I'd wait a little longer. Since ET2 just recently started this school year, I wanted to make sure everything is working before adding anything else. I was also planning on using the Pre-Algebra post test, but figured I'd wait until closer to the end of school year/time to purchase for next year, for a more accurate assessment.


I was hoping that, because of AoPS's "discovery" style, it would lend itself to a non-linear use of the book. From your post, I'm guessing not. I will go read that thread.


Thanks again.

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