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Need help picking a Spanish program

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My son is in 8th grade this year and this will be our first year homeschooling (besides Kindergarten). He has taken 2 yrs. of haphazardly implemented Spanish in private school so he knows a lot of basics but not so much how to put it together into conversation. I'm looking for a mostly independent Spanish program for the upcoming year. He is a strong auditory learner so, ideally it would be primarily DVD, computer or CD based. However, I also want some grammar and writing at some point as well. We had considered Rosetta Stone, however, because he has a slight stuttering problem I am concerned that the voice recognition portion will be an issue. I have an older version of Power-Glide but honestly, it looks rather cluttery and confusing.


Does anyone have any feedback on the Rosetta Stone voice recognition or another program that may fit my needs a little better?



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We really dislike Rosetta Stone and wish we had never bought it. Mine are younger than your ds so I am not up with what is good for upper midle/high school, but I have heard Mango from the library is good. You might want to inquire in the high school forum.


Also, congratulations on starting homeschooling again and I hope you have a great year. I took mine out two years ago and it has been a blast!



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