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Does anyone use/have a Family Contract?

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Does anyone have a family contract that all of you sign? I would like to draft something up. It would have a promise to complete schoolwork and chores in a timely manner, as well as me, the parent/teacher, promising to do my responsibilities as well. Also addressing character issues like no complaining, being kind and respectful, etc.


Does anyone have one drawn up already that I can work off of?


Thanks in advance.



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We've done a few contracts for specific situations. I don't have a comprehensive contract, but instead we have principles.


1) Respect for people

2) Respect for property

3) Respect for resources (this includes money, food, emotional, time...)

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We had a contract. Thought it was a ludicrous idea, but DH insisted. It backfired and he spent a year hearing "Daddy broke rule 13B" (be nice to the cat).:lol::lol::lol:

I put the contract someplace special where we could relive the glory, but can't remember where: think that breaks rule #2 (keep house organized and clean).

Other rules include: be nice to all family members; knock before entering room; food remains in kitchen and dining room only.

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