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(re) Introduction

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Hi everyone!


So, I've been here before. But due to some security issues, I've changed all my online usernames. If anyone is so inclined, I'm sure you all can figure out who I am :D, and I'll confirm on PM for anyone who cares enough to ask. (Anyway, the "security" issue isn't a threat of any sort, just an annoying person in my life I'd rather be rid of, and I'm 99.9 percent certain that this board isn't even on said person's radar- I'd just rather not take the risk and have to deal with the harassment later. :glare:)


Moving on from all that nonsense. For all the people I haven't met, and to all the people dying to know who I am (and to all the people who really don't care and were glad that I've been MIA :lol:): So nice to be back. You know things IRL have been crazy when you can refer to the Hive as being stable and calm. :D I need to post a lot, since I've lost my status and I'm starting alllllll the way back at "just visiting!" (How unbearable sad!)

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