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Military PCS & homeschooling-Can I do this?!?

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This is our first PCS since we started HSing 2 yrs ago, so I'm not sure how this will all work out. Here's our situation:


We're out of our current house June 30. Our rental at the new base isn't available until Aug 25. By the time we get really settled, it will be late Sept. We might be at this assignment for only 1 year, so I don't want to wait until the end of Sept to start school.


Here's my plan- While waiting for our rental to be available, we're staying at my mom & dad's. I'm going to start school mid-July so we can get a month's worth of school in before we head to our new base. Then resume school once we're settled.


My concerns began today while getting the house ready for the packers. I was putting together a couple of crates of school items we'll need while at my parents and starting wondering, Can I really do this? Schooling while at Grandma & Grandpa's house? Get it all done before we pack up again? Am I crazy?


How have other military families worked their school plans around PSC schedules?

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You are not crazy, lol. I have schooled through many military moves, DOD moves, and now leaving the DOD to move again. Just do the basics, and don't stress about it! All we stick to is reading and math, and mostly interest led reading. I do make the kids read aloud to me a certain time each day. Our moving truck comes Monday and my MIL is here to visit. we haven't done any school at all this week and probably won't next week. The following Monday we will start back with reading and math until our "official" school year begins.


Take a deep breath and don't be afraid to take time off as needed. It will be okay. Personally, I would be tempted to let the dc spend lots of time with grandparents and less focus on school. Maybe the kids can read to them and vice versa? Grandparents won't be around forever and they (kids and gp's) will remember time spent together much more readily than school.

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Since I started homeschooling, oh so many years ago, we have homeschooled in 4 different US states, 3 different countries on three different continents and on an island to boot!


Of course it can be done. Just relax and use this time for the 'easy' stuff. Spend time on 'field trips' (local park, library, etc.), read good books, watch some educational videos, work on PE ( Running, swinging, and jumping. Oh my.)


We moved to Australia when my youngest daughter was 2 months old. Prior to her birth I had a very rough pregnancy. "School' consisted of "Do a math lesson and read something interesting." When we arrived in Australia we decided to put them in school for a season and they did absolutely fine. Ahead in some things, a bit behind in some things,(Their knowledge of Australian history was deplorable.:tongue_smilie:) and right on target in almost every way.


To everything there is a season. This is the season to relax. Plan ahead and put some school things in your hold baggage and you will have a few things at hand when you get to your new location.


Best of luck with your move!

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We just did it. It can be done. Stick to the basics. Realize that while the kids may be getting a bit of a break you will not be getting a break. Make sure you take some time for yourself. It is ok to take a break from the schooling. We get some of our best school done after we are settled and before we get busy. You will catch up.

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