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Exploring Creation with Biology?

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Can anyone give me their opinion of this program? Obviously I won't be using it anytime soon, but I found a copy of the 2nd edition textbook for it at my local thrift shop today for $1 and I'm trying to decide if I should hold onto it or sell it. We'd probably be using the SL schedule with it fwiw.


I've heard Apologia's texts have errors - is that true? How bad are they? How "Christian" is the text - could it be used fairly secularly by some who isn't Christian?

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This is just my opinion based on teaching from this text in a co-op setting and I am not an expert in Biology (my degree is in Psychology).


I didn't see any errors in the text. However, other texts (i.e. BJU Biology) have updated certain topics (i.e. classification of bacteria). It doesn't mean Apologia's text is wrong, it just doesn't reflect some of the changes in studying Biology or mention some topics which are under debate in the scientific community like the BJU text does. Overall, I think the content in Exploring Creation with Biology is solid.


However, I don't like the chatty style of the text (some kids love it!) and I don't like how it talks down to the student (paraphrase: this topic is really hard, and you might not understand it, but we'll try to make it simple for you - over and over again).


As for using it secularly? I prefer Christian textbooks, so it's hard for me to judge. But the whole point of Exploring Creation with Biology is to see the wonder of God's creation all around us. I think it could be used from a Judeo-Christian or deist POV. You should be able to get a feel for this by glancing through it.


Regardless of my personal opinion/preference, you probably won't be needing this text for 8 more years since your child is in 1st grade? A lot can change in 8 years of science and you'll probably want a more up-to-date text. $1 is an excellent deal on a $65 text book. You can hold onto it as a reference or to use as a 2nd text (I always keep on hand 2-3 science and math textbooks for each subject as reference to help answer questions) or you could resell it and buy something you need now. BTW - the "Exploring Creation with..." Elementary series is written by a different author and we've been happy with those texts. I HIGHLY recommend Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology by Jeannie Fulbright when your child gets a bit older - maybe 4th+ grade. That text is a keeper on our bookshelf.

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SWB recommends Apologia, however she points out in the WTM that the Biology text is the weakest of the Apologia series.


We have local science classes (for a fee, Christian worldview) taught by a mom who was a scientist for many years. She uses all the Apologia texts EXCEPT the Biology one. She used a secular text for several years and now has been happy to find Science Shepherd for next year.


Granted, this is all what I have heard from others -- no personal experience with the Biology text! I will note that, based on our experience with Apologia's General Science, Apologia is definitely written from a Christian perspective (and sometimes a very strong specific view within Christianity) in some sections.



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