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Is the TM needed for Hake Grammar?

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Sorry, I searched old threads and couldn't find this answer.


This would be for Hake 5.


I'm ok at grammar unless the diagramming is any more than very basic.


(Trying to pinch pennies to afford VP Self-Paced Online for $199, if you've been reading the other threads-lol)

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I bought the TM for Hake, and I used it, but unless you want the tests, I'd say it isn't 100% necessary, if you feel confident about grading grammar yourself.


I prefer to have the TM, because I can grade more quickly, and also because I use the tests, and the answer keys for the tests as well.



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If all you are getting it for is the diagramming answers, you might not need it. Hake 5 lays a good foundation for later diagramming of complex sentences, but the diagramming in 5 is pretty simple. The sentences at the end of the book are things like -


Shh, people are thinking.


Can you elucidate this very difficult lesson for me after school?


During the spring, we tourists viewed the magnificent beauty of the Grand Canyon from different locations in Arizona. (I think that is the most complicated sentence in the whole book, actually.)

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Hmmm...that is very helpful, thank you. I'm now wondering if Hake will be a good fit. He's only going to be doing Hake 5 in 4th grade, but those are pretty close to what he can do now (and he's not great at grammar, we just did a lot of it this yr). I mean, the longest one is harder, but I have to think this over.


I like the Hake because of all the spiral review though.

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There were only a few places where I wanted to check the TM for Hake 5. You could probably get away without it.


As for the complexity of the diagramming--the focus isn't on diagramming per se in Hake 5, though there are two sentences to diagram each day. But it is laying the foundation for harder diagramming in years to come (I've used Hake 5, 6, and 8).

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Well, shoot. I wish it were a little bit better with the diagramming. He learned a lot this yr in FLL3/GWG3 and I hoped to extend that a bit next yr rather than just repeat; that's why we were jumping up to Hake 5 rather than doing a grade 4 grammar.


It's ok. I'll prbly go with it anyway. I'm glad to know that it ramps up in the future grades.


We're also doing MCT Town (grammar only) so it should be a good combo.

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