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Workbox ideas for 1st grader


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Looking for ideas for my 1st grader of fun, activity ideas that will keep him busy while I'm schooling his older brothers. I purchased the stack of drawers for each child last year with the intentions of using them in this way but they really just became drawers for their school stuff. I'm ok with that for the 7th grader bc he worked well using his checklist last year but for the 1st graders I need some ideas other than schoolwork. I would like to have a list so I have lots to choose from throughout the year so he feels like it is fun and different.


Here are some I have already:


Mini Luk



dot to dot


folder games (from IEW PAL)

Lincoln Logs

Build with blocks

Sept Toys

Castle Logic


I was even thinking of adding in things like archery - he has a toy bow and arrow and loves to go out and shoot it at some hay we have set up.

I feel like I really need at least 20 different things so it doesn't get boring.

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DD5 likes:

Critical Thinking Co. Workbooks

Montessori Stamp Game

Montessori Bank Game

Math Dice (she plays by herself)

Rush Hour

Puzzles (we like the Mudpuppies brand 100 pc, but she will do any puzzle she can get!)

FatBrainToys Block Builders

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If you have a computer station, ipod, or stereo, etc. and headphones, you could add books on CD. My kids like Greathall topics. I ordered a bunch of mp3s this year of things related to what we have studied in SOTW already or will be studying this coming year. In our case, the kids will use them at times when I'm working with the other child. We don't really do workboxes, but I like them having some worthwhile independent activities to do while I'm busy with the other child.

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