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MFW Ancients ?

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Is the writing instruction in MFW Ancients "enough" on it's own or do you need something else? We have done some of Apologia's jump in but didn't get very far in it yet. In other words, will it "hold our hand" with the writing lessons a bit? I'm looking at several things for high school and MFW keeps grabbing my attention. thanks for any info.

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It was plenty of instruction for us. During week 1, it goes over the basic set up of standard 5 paragraph essay and how to organize it. How to select topic sentence, and supporting sentences, and conclusions, and body paragraphs..


We referred back to those instructions as needed. The rubrics were helpful.


I think there is an assumption that in jr. high, the student learned how to write a quality sentence and one quality paragraph. That's the "minimum" needed to get through week 1. Don't expect instructions on "every sentence needs subject and predicate" (that's assumed knowledge at 9th grade level in the program.) Don't expect to be reminded to use stronger vocabulary. If the student is still struggling in writing essentials, you might need more hand holding than is given. There is time for parent to read drafts and make suggestions.


The first 70 or so pages of the Lit/Comp supplement has basic instructions in essay, and other instruction for improvement and editing of essays.


We were fine with the instructions. I've heard others who needed more detailed, or more practice of the same kinds of lessons and exercises in week 1.


Other writing that is done has instructions in the daily planner (like the poetry unit and proverbs project)


For the smaller essays done in the history lessons from Notgrass book, detailed instructions are not given. It's more freestyle. Doesn't have to be 5 paragraph essay. And can vary in length and style to fit the assignment. I know when we first did one of those history assignments, I wasn't sure what was expected, but then it clicked "oh... get them writing... stay on topic... lighten up on the essay rubric structure.... freestyle"




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