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AP Calculus prerequisites

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This packet of pre-calculus problems (with solutions) may be useful summer review for students taking calculus in the fall.




'Students need a strong foundation to be ready for the rigorous

work required throughout the term. Completing the prerequisite packet should prepare you

for the material to be taught in the course. This packet consists of material studied during

Algebra II and Analysis. Students should anticipate working approximately 10 hours to

complete it properly. This packet includes

• A copy of the first chapter of your textbook. Please return it in good

condition at the beginning of the semester. This chapter should be used to

complete the problem set from the book and as a reference if you need help on

the additional problem set.

• An acknowledgement of receipt of the prerequisite packet.

• A “Toolkit of Functionsâ€; you should be familiar with each of the graphs.

• A formula and identities section. These are for your reference and do not

need to be memorized at this time.

• A unit circle template with which to practice your unit circle.

• A list of skills that you will need for AP Calculus. If you feel you are weak in

any of the areas, let us know and we will be glad to help you.

• Calculus Prerequisite Problems, please show all work. Answers are provided at

the end of the packet.'


Many past AP questions and solutions are at http://staff.4j.lane.edu/~windom/AP/ .

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