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Aldine Method: Vintage Reading, Spelling, Grammar


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Has anyone heard of the Aldine Method by Catherine Bryce and Frank Spaulding?




I think I found the whole program except for the reading books for 7 and 8 and the reading TMs for 3-8. I think I found all the spelling and comp/grammar books, including teacher's manuals.


The spelling is based on Ayers and other studies. The first few grade 1 lessons seemed to be linked to the primer, but after that I don't think there is any attempt to integrate the lessons.


There are dramatic readers just like the modern "Reader's Theater" method.

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Book 3 doesn't seem to have any vocabulary or teacher's helps or anything :-0


Books 5 and 6 have the TM in the back, and include vocabulary and nice comprehension questions. The poems are particularly interesting. One of the books--I forget which one--has a dramatic reading piece for Dickens's Christmas Carol.


Unless someone hunts down some more reading books, I guess I'll be using primer-2 quite heavily along with McGuffey, and then 5-6 for the poetry and dramatic readings only.


The spelling is the most interesting to me, and I'm still giving that a thorough inspection.

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