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Is there an easier way to navigate their board on MFWbooks? I have heard there is lots of good info but, frankly, I have a hard time knowing what is up to date, where to look, etc. Being on the old WTM board and the current WTM board, I find both of those formats so much easier to glean information from. I will have one in Adventures and one in high school. The only thing I can even find on high school is "High School archives" and the last input was last October? Maybe I'm trying to make it something it is not but if you know of a better way to "read" their board I would like the input. Thanks!

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I've only been on for a few months, but I do read the boards several times a week and I have found tons of informations once I got over the initial learning curve.

Everything is first posted on the General--Main Board. That's where I post my questions and where recent activity for the past few months is placed.

Then, what I have found, there are two other main places I find things.

Ideas-(insert program) seems to have specific information by day/week for each of the programs.

Then there are the archives where information specific to a program is archived by topic. I reallly like the way it's organized personally.

I hope this helps a little. I've found the mfwbooks forum very helpful in planning my year and answering questions I have about the programs I will be using.



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