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Can you eat vegetables

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growing out of a compost pile? For the record, I do put guinea pig poop in there. Otherwise it's just coffee grounds, plant cuttings, and occasionally food scraps my husband steals to put in it. (I like the disposal!)


They look like cucumber or squash plants. The leaves are huge!

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Don't you use the compost in your garden? Isn't that the same thing? I've got a potato plant growing in my compost pile, which has rabbit and chicken manure, among all the other typical scraps.


ETA: I see now that you don't have a garden. I'd leave it be.

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My husband has informed me that they are actually pumpkins! He threw a bunch of them in the compost pile last fall! I am excited to see how big they get and if they will escape the critters in the area.


Hey, that might be a good science activity. I just made my kids Nature Journals. They could sketch the pumpkin plants, measure them and what else?

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