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Would you stay or would you go?

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Good morning!


My husband and I are stuck and just wondering what others would do. (Back story) My husband grew up, "up north" and for the last few years, he has applied for positions that would allow us to move up there to raise our 3 sons. In the last 9 months, we have purchased a home, my husband's parents have moved from there, and in 4 weeks he is set to start a new job working for a company he has wanted to work with for a long time. Two days ago, a job offer came from "up" there totally out of the blue. He applied for something similar a year ago, but it didn't happen. Both offers are great.


We have gone around and around and both of us are stuck. So, if anyone would care to add their two cents...


If you could choose, would you

1. Stay where you are

(You just bought a house., What if it doesn't sell? What are you thinking!)


2. Go for it

(You have 3 boys, of course take them up there! At least it happened before you started working for new company. You've wanted this for the last 3 years and here it is.)


I know there are many factors. People are different. We have only lived here 9 months, but we've made fast friends. Boys are torn, too. They love the outdoors, but they've also made some great friends. This would be 7 hours away. So, so torn, and the decision needs to be made quickly, so he (my husband) can either accept new job or tell new comany, sorry, but something else has come up. It feels like it's coming down to career goals for my hubby. Do you want to climb the corporate ladder or raise your boys in the outdoors, like he did. So, ladies and gents, what would you do? Any insight appreciated!

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We knew a family that did something similar. They lived up north then moved down south for work. After a couple years they wanted to go "back home" so they moved back. But it wasn't the same home they left even though it had only been a couple years. And they found they really wanted to move back south. So they did and here they stayed.


Ours is similar. We thought our move south would be temporary so we rented. But after a year we found things had changed enough that moving back was not going to work out. so here we stayed, too.


Would moving back north put you in a better situation or is it based on nostalgia? What are the non-negotiables for your family (you mention time outdoors with the kids) and which location would enable you to pursue those? And what if your house doesn't sell? Would the positives of moving be enough to overcome the financial stress that would be involved in paying for two homes? Leaving friends is hard. You've already left friends once. Are you ready to go through that emotionally so soon after the first time?


Just throwing these out for you to think about. You probably have already. I know it's a tough decision. I hope whatever you decide works out for your family.

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Ask yourselves what will make you happiest in the long run. Dh's career happiness is very important to us, as so much of his time is spent at work. We will move for the right opportunities. Granted, we've never lived near family, so we don't have the factor of family having moved to be close to us, as you do, with your dh's parents.

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