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Printer spooler thingy

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Yes, i am use big tech terms! :tongue_smilie:


I assume i have a virus. My printer will not print. When i go to printers, it does not even show my printer. Everytime i try to install the printer drivers, it says something about the spooler service being turn off/shut down, or whatever it does.


The printer physically works; can copy and fax. It can also scan to the computer. It just cant get communication from the computer.


I downloaded the microsoft fix it center, and it will turn back on the spooler, but as soon as its on, it goes right back off.


What the heck is the spooler?! Why will it not stay on? How do i fix it?



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Multiple times :(


Ds plays games on that computer, and it happened after one his game days. Since his attention span is that of a knat, he goes from site to site constantly. I think one of his random clickings messed up everything.


I do not have any restore disks for this computer. The biggest problem is that the computer is a dell optiplex, which is not compatible with windows vista. My father demanded i install vista because it was the greatest thing. I have no way of getting it back to windows xp. The computer has been running crappy since its 2nd week when vista was put on.

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