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Any tips on how to organize lesson plans for several children?

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For example, I read my oldest child's science chapter and the topic is cells, I want to teach all of the children together, so I need to figure out what they can do together and what each individual is responsible for. They will all listen to the chapter being read aloud, watch a video about cells and make the edible cell activity I found online. The 6th and 7th graders will define the vocab. words, label a diagram of a cell, and answer the questions at the end of the chapter. The 3rd grader will read a library book about cells, fill in the blanks of a vocab. sheet, and label a simple diagram of a cell. The 1st grader and Kindergartener will do some copywork on cells and color a picture of a cell.


Now, what is the best way to organize information like this while planning this summer? I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. So any ideas would be greatly appreciated!




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When I am making plans for my kids I use a different color of ink for each child, and then usually use plain old black for the things we are doing together. Thankfully I don't have enough children yet that I have run out of colors! I typically just make a chart with days of the week across the top and subjects down the side and fill in what each child is doing in their color.

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I have 5 out of my 6 kids (the 6th is only 2yrs old) doing history and science together whenever possible. I divide my week into 4 days by dividing apiece of paper into 4ths. The things we do together get written across the top of each section then I just list each child's individual activity labeled with their intials.

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I create an Excel spreadsheet with the following column headers:

  • Chapter Number: In case I need to look something up in the spine.
  • Topic: So I don't have to scramble for the book when I'm pulling together the curriculum
  • Family: Activities done together. I'd also break this out into subheaders like:
    • Video
    • Project

    [*]Child 1: Specific-assignments

    [*]Child 2: Specific-assignments

    [*]Child 3: Specific-assignments, etc.

    [*]Next Week: Supplies needed for the following week

Each row would be one subject or chapter.


If I grouped children together, I would enter the assignments into one child's column and then link the other children in the group to the first child's assignment. That way if I make any changes, the spreadsheet automatically updates the group.


Here's a picture of our history curriculum map for next year:


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There are tons of free planners online that you can use with multiple kids. Google "free homeschool planners" and you will get hundreds of links. There is also a website called Scholaric.com that is a planning software. It is a great tool and very simple to use.

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