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Nutrition/Fitness Major

dairy mom

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My daughter is interested in nutrition and fitness. We have looked into the holistic/natural nutrition and have some questions. Has anyone ever taken classes through the following schools (all are online classes)?


Global College of Natural Medicine

Natural Healing College

Trinity School of Health


These are all certificate degrees and when completed she can take a certification test. I have contacted Trinity and they would allow her to start taking classes now, but she could not get her certificate until she turns 18. I will be contacting the other 2 schools to see if she could start now.


I was thinking about having her doing this her jr/sr year and then, if she wants, get a degree in nutrition/fitness at a 4 year college. Would this be overkill?


Also if she takes online classes, they are credit units. So if they are 3 credit units does that equal 1 credit for high school (same as taking a college class)?


Also any tips/information about this degree or career choice would be appreciated.




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Also if she takes online classes, they are credit units. So if they are 3 credit units does that equal 1 credit for high school (same as taking a college class)?



Are the classes semester long or quarter long?



My daughter took about fifteen classes at the local community college. This college operates on the quarter, rather than semester system.


Amongst the first classes my daughter took at the community college were College Algebra (a five hour class) and Trigonometry (a four hour class). She did these two classes in consecutive quarters. Had she taken a year long class in Precalculus at home or at the local high school, she would have earned one high school credit. Since the combination of College Algebra and Trigonometry is considered Precalculus (and in fact the text used in both of these classes was Sullivan's Precalculus), I assigned each of these classes one half high school credit. To me, it would have seemed too generous to give two credits for this combination of classes. On her transcript, I included a note that each community college class of three hours or more was assigned a value of one half high school credit.




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One thing I would look at very carefully is her goals for these online programs. If it is mainly for enjoyment and you can afford it that may work out well. If, however, she's really looking for certification that will be helpful to her in terms of college admissions, college credits, or the job market - then I'd tread more cautiously. In order for credits to be respected for admissions or college credit, they have to carry a kind of accreditation that colleges will find meaningful. Typically that is what is called regional accreditation.


Nutrition and exercise science are both pretty "hot" majors right now and I would definitely encourage her to pursue these interests.


She might find this of interest:


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