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Little notes found around the house

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I have been getting a kick out of the little notes I find around teh house, written by the kid in their own time.


Usually I just find ones by ds8, very phonetic in spelling, little to no vowels, and lately comics he has drawn and written dialogue for. Usually while angry with big brother, so they all involve a picture of big brother doing him wrong, then him driving over big brother, or shooting him, or dropping an anvil on his head, and finishing with brother on ground with x's for eyes and him saying ha ha. The end. It is his way of working out his frustration over the wrongs brother does towards him.


The other day I found a song dd12 is writing.


And this morning I woke up to a little scrap of paper by my computer that ds13 wrote on while on the computer last night. This is my reluctant writer, composition lessons are like pulling teeth.


I farted

Once upon a time in the land of Fart a boy named A___ stood there and said 2 words. I farted. The end


Yeah definitely boy humor. I am sure if I let him write his composition lessons about farts, burps and video games I would never have another struggle with him



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I asked my 8yo dd to pour me a glass of iced tea the other night. After a few hours, I completely forgot about my request. As I was getting ready for bed, I saw my cup of tea in the kitchen with a post-it note on it. It said, "MOM^ I had to go to the bathroom." My dh and I had a good laugh over her note.

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My 8 yo boy is pretty tame compared to many I know, but he drew a huge picture the other day of a guy's head and neck, and the guy was picking his nose. :tongue_smilie:


I tell DH all of the time that I just don't *get* 8 yo boys. He assures me that he was one, and he turned out okay :D


eta: 5 yo DD writes tons and tons of notes every day with phonetic spelling and no vowels. She tries to imitate the signs DS1 hangs on his door to deter her, like his "Do not enter or you will be dead meat." Her renditions are always hysterical. My dad keeps a scrapbook of grandkid quotes and so forth and he has a few of her notes tucked in there because they are so funny.

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