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B4FIAR and FIAR: Substitutes for OOP titles?


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I can't seem to get any responses on the FIAR forums so I thought I would try here. Does anyone know of any substiutes for the out of print titles in B4FIAR and FIAR that might be similar? Are there any? I am trying to find the titles for the fall. Here are the titles I need to find:



My Blue Boat

The Quiet Way Home

Jenny's Surprise Summer


The Giraffe Walked to Paris

Babar, To Duet or Not to Duet

Andy and the Circus

Climbing Kansas Mountains


Thanks in advance!:001_smile:

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The Quiet Way Home - The Listening Walk by Paul Showers


Jenny's Surprise Summer - This is a Golden Book, sometimes you can find it as part of a lot of Golden Books on E-bay. There is an adaptation called Kittens for Keeps (also OOP).


The Giraffe Walked to Paris - Zarafa by Judith St. George


Babar, To Duet or Not to Duet - watch on You-tube. The book is based on the video.

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We skipped them, except for Jenny's Surprise Summer and My Blue Boat which our generous grandparents found and purchased for us. I would just suggest looking at homeschoolshare.com for ideas of book unit studies in that age group. They have lapbooks and activities for almost all the B4FIAR and FIAR titles, plus TONS more. Its really a nice resource.

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I haven't done B4FIAR, so can't comment on that. Below are my recommendations for the others:




The Giraffe Walked to Paris PP mentioned the one by Zarafa

Babar, To Duet or Not to Duet Skip this one. IMO, not the same quality as the other FIAR books

Andy and the Circus I don't know of a substitute, but I want to mention that this is a really long book. I was doing it with a 4yo, and I couldn't have done just as well without it for that age.

Climbing Kansas Mountains Didn't do this one, so I cannot comment.


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