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Please Pray! Job Opp!

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Just got a call from Wolf.


His boss, whom I just met this wknd has accepted a job out of province. He's telling the powers that be to give his position to Wolf. Wolf is qualified for the job, no problem there.


It would see his income go up by about 50%. PLUS, there's housing. 5 bdrm house. Fenced yard. No utilities.


Only potential drawback is internet service. What I have now wouldn't work, since there's no cell service. Hopefully, it's wired w/a different connection.


Please pray he gets this! His boss is giving notice in 2 wks. If it is handed to Wolf, we'd be moving for the start of Aug...if not sooner.



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'scuse me while I fantasize a moment...

5 bdrms.


That would be enough for all the kids to have their OWN rooms, even Boo! *faint*


OR...I could get 2 of them to continue sharing, and have a SCHOOLROOM.


*double faint*

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Didn't you just move for a new job??? :001_huh:


What a roller coaster you've been on lately! :D

I know, I'm just floored! For so long we'd been stagnant, waiting and hoping and praying, and now...Wow! Yup, we just moved for his job, and now it looks like he's going to be offered his boss' job, which means another move.

That would be fantastic! I am mostly happy for you!!!


The internet will work out. Probably.



Ha! I still have your ph#!

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