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good customer service versus bad customer service

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Company A can't handle it's call volume and so has an automated message saying "sorry, try again later"...which you do...for 2 days, before finally getting a live person, who puts you on hold for a total of 50 minutes, saying only "yeah...like, lots of people have been calling lately." Company B messed up and didn't process your order in a timely manner, but answers the phone in a timely manner, finds the problem in less than a minute, apologizes profusely and says that it never should have happened, and promises to send the order at start of business tomorrow, with upgraded 2 day shipping.


Company A used to be able to get away with this kind of garbage, when they gave out free beer and had a cute donkey.




Company A = Seaworld and Company B = Sonlight

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Free beer and a donkey... Is this company run by the dude who was arrested for DUI with his zebra riding shotgun in the truck? :lol:


Yeah, I'm firmly in the camp of "mistakes happen. Customer service (good or bad) is what happens when they do".

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