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Will a more expensive router help with this issue?

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or is this issue due to our service provider?


Our internet seems to wax and wane throughout the day. It will be as high as 26mbps and then it will glitch.....and will look like it is catching a website but then won't catch it....in other words part of the website will load but it won't fully load.....and then speedtest.net won't even work to show me what it is doing.


We had an older router, so we bought a new one.....an N router. Turns out it does the same thing so that means that either it is our service provider (the ONLY one available to us) or well, we have no idea.


When this happens (several times per day now) we unplug and reset the router and then it works again for a while.


Do I need a more expensive router? I hate to buy it if that isn't our issue.



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I have never done this.....how do you do it? Just do it wirelessly?


Off to check. I believe ours is a D-link N router but I don't know the exact model. I will look.




Sometimes you need to reset the router software and update it.


We have a Netgear router and have to do this about every 2 months. Check and see if there is a update option for your router in the website.

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